About Us

We are radon professionals trying to improve radon awareness and testing throughout the World. Radon is a serious problem that is often misunderstood. Our goal is to help educate the public about the dangers of radon gas, how to test for radon and how to mitigate. We believe that through the increased awareness, we are helping save lives. 

Located in Murray, Utah we are in an area that is known to have radon problems. We have been helping people with radon concerns for more than 10 years. We have friends who have lost their lives from the battle with lung cancer. We have been personally affected by radon. We want you to check your homes for radon gas. 

We sell, easy to use, radon test kits from America's top radon laboratories. You can purchase radon test kits online or if you live near us, your can from our local office.

We are a division of RadoVent llc, a radon mitigation company. Radon mitigation systems are ventilation systems that remove the radon gas from the soil and exhaust it above the home so that it doesn't concentrate inside the living areas. Go to RadoVent.com for more information about how to reduce radon levels if they are measured high.

Radon mitigation company

We ship Radon Test kits from our fulfillment center located at:

6178 s Stratler Street Murray, UT 84107