DIY Radon Test Kits and Monitors

 Radon gas testing

Radon gas causes lung cancer but it doesn't have to. You can check your home to see if radon is present using simple, inexpensive radon testing devices.

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DIY Radon test kits online


The radon test kits that we sell are manufactured and analyzed by the scientists at Air Chek@ laboratories. These test kits are the American standard for short-term, DIY radon measurement. They are simple to use and inexpensive. The results are quick and accurate. You can check your home for radon. Learn more about radon test kits.


DIY radon monitor 


Now you can check your radon levels continuously using a DIY radon gas detector. These portable, electronic devices allow you to check your home anytime and anywhere. No need for lab analysis, with the digital radon reading. Move the unit from your basement, to your bedroom, to your kids rooms or home gym. You can measure radon anywhere with the Corentium® monitor. Learn more about radon monitors