Alpha Energy Labs® Radon Gas Test Kit

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Alpha Energy Labs® Radon Gas Test Kit

You can check radon levels yourself. These DIY radon gas test kits are manufactured and analyzed by the scientists at one of America's premier radon measurement laboratory. When you want a simple, inexpensive way to test for radon gas yourself, on your own time, these short-term test kits are the way to go. Order some today!

Radon Gas Test Kits.

$20 each includes free shipping to you and the lab fees!

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Alpha Energy Labs. Short-Term Radon Gas Test Kits


  • SIMPLE- Simply follow the lab's placement instructions and place the test kit for 48-96 hours. 48 is recommended by the lab.
  • When the test is done, seal up the sample and send it back to the lab at 2501 Mayes Road Suite#100, Carrolton, TX 75006
  • We suggest you consider shipping using priority methods.
  • ACCURATE- Accredited radon measurement experts, at the laboratory, will analyze your sample.
  • INEXPENSIVE- For your purchase price the lab fees and report are included! *Remember, some radon test kits cost up-front plus you have to pay additional lab fees. *LAB FEES ARE REQUIRED FOR NEW JERSEY RADON TESTS.
  • *Professional radon measurements can cost hundreds of dollars. 
  • QUICK Radon Results- The lab will quickly generate a radon report as soon as the results are known. Results can be found on
  • Receive your radon report via Email, Fax or regular mail. 
  • Same Day analysis and results when received by lab Mon-Fri * 
* - Tests analyzed on Saturday will be reported the next business day.
* - Priority shipping for lab analysis is recommended.
* - Tests expire one year from date of purchase.
* - $10.00 New Jersey radon test kit fee is required for New Jersey residents. Fee must be paid to the lab.

Free Shipping from us to you. Shipping to the radon lab not included.

Continental USA only


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